How to earn your Mozilla Webmaker Mentor badge


Let’s teach the web together! Earn your Webmaker Mentor badge. Teach web literacy, help others learn digital skills, and share creative new ways for teaching tech. This page contains…

  1. Quick summary. How to become a Webmaker Mentor—in three simple steps.
  2. Why become a mentor?
  3. What do mentors do?
  4. What are the criteria for earning the Webmaker Mentor badge?
  5. Apply for the badge. Use this handy form to submit your evidence.

Got what it takes?

Here’s how to become a Webmaker Mentor in three simple steps:

  1. Review the criteria. To earn their badge, Webmaker Mentors must meet certain criteria—like developing resources, hosting a teaching or learning event, participating in our open online community, or creating your own light saber. (Just kidding!) More details on criteria below.
  2. Apply for your Webmaker Mentor badge. The online form below makes it easy to apply and submit evidence that you’ve met the criteria.
  3. Receive your badge. Congratulations! You can now proudly display your Webmaker Mentor badge on your social networks, web site, and take it with you across the web in your Mozilla Backpack.

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What are the criteria for becoming a Webmaker Mentor?

To earn the Webmaker Mentor badge, you must complete at least one of the following:

  1. Create a teaching resource. Create a hackable teaching kit using one of our handy templates. Submit your kit, activity, teaching guide or other teaching resource to help others teach the web or digital literacy to
  2. Host a Webmaker event. Organize a hack jam, learning party or classroom event. Then document and share outcomes with the community. Our handy event guides make it easy.
  3. Make and share through the Teach the Web online community. Connect and learn other mentors around the world through remixing, making and discussion.

Why become a Webmaker Mentor?

  • Help others. As part of Mozilla’s non-profit mission, our goal is to spread digital literacy and skills through open collaboration and global community.
  • Expand your network. Connect with other techies, educators and mentors around the world to exchange ideas and creative new ways for teaching tech.
  • Grow your reach. By participating in “big tent” making and learning campaigns like Maker Party and the Mozilla Festival.
  • Get swag. Webmaker Mentors get access to coveted Mozilla swag like stickers, t-shirts and banners to excite learners and make your events even more awesome. Get in touch to learn more.
  • Shape standards. Our Web Literacy Standard is being created by a global community that wants to teach this stuff right. This will also provide new ways for learners to get credit and recognition for web literacy skills.
  • Innovate. Webmaker Mentors are defining the future of education and technology with new pedagogies and interest-driven, learner-centered content.

What do Webmaker Mentors do?

  • Help others learn digital skills. Provide feedback and mentorship directly to learners hungry for digital skills around the world, from youth to adults.
  • Issue Webmaker badges. Learners around the world want your help. Review projects they have completed, provide feedback, tips and advice, and help them earn badges that recognize their new skills.
  • Create and share teaching resources. Access and share teaching guides, kits and activities with other techies and educators around the world.
  • Host Webmaker events. Webmaker Mentors share their knowledge through in-person and on-line learning experiences.
  • Shape the overall direction of Webmaker. Webmaker is an open source project, powered by mentors, makers and community leaders like you.


What can Webmaker Mentors do on

  • Assess and award Webmaker badges. Recognize learners using our new badge system and assessment tools. (coming soon)
  • Find other mentors near you and get in touch. (coming soon)
  • Help event organizers. Offer help and provide support to people running Webmaker events. (coming soon)

Apply for your badge

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  1. David wrote on :

    During 12 years I have been doing webs, and I would be part of Webmaker project for two reasons:
    1st – Because I think this is a good way to do get the web to everybody, and especially,
    2nd – Because I’m Mozilla’s fan!!!

    So I’m determined to get the Mentor badge to begin teach as Mozilla’s member :P


  2. Tano Kan – Man Hui Chris Brian wrote on ::

    I introduce myself, my name is Tano Kan – Man Hui, I am firefox student ambassador and I live in Côte d’Ivoire in Africa,I speak easy English and courently French. I would like to be a webmaker mentor for teach people to learn Mozilla Technology and show the advantage of open badge. Many person don’t know the technology of computer science in Africa, I would like to give my part for learning and speaking…
    Thank you,


  3. Matt Thompson wrote on :

    Hi, Tano! How did it go? Were you able to use the documentation above to earn your badge? Let us know how we can help!


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